iMessage For Android – 3 Ways To Download iMessage Android Version

iMessage for Android is a messaging app provided exclusively by Apple. iMessage is one step ahead of traditional messaging apps. You can do several other things that you are not allowed to do it on favorite messaging apps. iMessage for Android allows you to share media, do group chat and all of them over the internet so no more headache of increasing carrier charges.

iMessage for Android

You can use iMessage to Android as well as on your Apple device, but it is not available for Windows phone and Tizen powered phones. Enable iMessage and enjoy texts, photos, or videos that you send to another person over the internet. These messages always encrypt and appear in a blue bubble.

There are many other sites which say that there is no iMessage available for Android devices. But they are wrong; you can get iMessage Android app. Just go through the article to know the complete list of features provided by iMessage to its Android user and to know how to download it. You can also download iMessage on PC with three methods.

iMessage App Info

NameiMessage For Android
Supported Operating SystemAndroid
File Size8 MB
Total Downloads15 Million+

iMessage for Android Features

Send A Group Message: You can make a group of peoples and manage it by adding and removing them. With iMessage on Android, you can send the messages to the group and will be accessible by all.

Share Media: You can share pictures, video, audio messages with a friend and even on a group. Now its easier to use for the user who knows how to take care of iMessage Waiting for Activation Error.

New Message Effects: With just a few taps, you can send messages with bubble and full-screen impact, reply with expressions and personalize with handwritten notes and much more to explore in iMessage for Android app.

Send a Sketch: Use digital touch to send sketches, taps, or even heartbeats, and all of this is inbuilt in iMessage for Android so no need to download plugins from App Store.

Use Emoji: iMessage for Android allows you choose from hundreds of emoji to add something extra to your messages. And when words aren’t enough, just tap to replace them with emoji.

Use stickers: You can use stickers to express yourself in the message. There are hundreds of stickers available to use. iMessage offers them for free. If you wish to use external stickers package, then you can download it from App Store, and it will automatically sync into your messages.

imessage waiting for activation

Download iMessage for Android devices

If you have visited another site in search of iMessage for Android device, then you may have encountered the fact that iMessage is not officially for android device. But still, there are a lot of apps that assures that they are the real iMessage apps. Do not forget to Download iMessage on PC. Its updated and tested version.

If you have already searched for it then you know how confusing it is to choose the right one. We provide you with the original version of iMessage for Android. You can download it in for of an APK file. Just click on the below link, and your downloading will start:

Download iMessage Android Version

iMessage Waiting for Activation Error

The users of iMessage are facing many problems, no matters you are using iMessage on the iOS device or Android device you can encounter this type of error while using it. Most common of the problem it is that iMessage shows activation error. That means that your iMessage has not activated. One big error is ‘iMessage Waiting for Activation Error’. So to troubleshoot the problem just follow the following steps:

  • iMessage Waiting for Activation Error is due to inappropriate settings of your device.
  • Check your internet connection, does your data pack has enough data to run iMessage App for Android.
  • Your WiFi connection should be active.
  • Check the time zone of your device. If it is incorrect then set it to the proper time zone and then try using iMessage Android APK.
  • Try switching off the iMessage for Android app and after some time turn it on again.
  • It might take up to 24 hours to activate the iMessage APK. So if all of your above-mentioned settings are correct, then you should wait 24 hours for activation.

How to Enable iMessage

Before allowing iMessage APK for Android on your device, you cannot use it. So just follow up the steps to allow the iMessage:

  1. Go to Setting>Messages>iMessage
  2. Turn iMessage on your device.
  3. Just tap Send & Receive to set the email and phone number.
  4. Tap on the email or phone number to enable.
  5. Now you can be reached by iMessage on Android at the email address and phone number that you have selected.

iMessage Android

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 Does iMessage for Android count as SMS or data?

Answer 1 iMessage on Android works with the internet connection, so it counts your data, not as SMS.

Question 2 How can I send iMessage to my non-iPhone friend?

Answer 2 iMessage is only available for Apple users. So your friends cannot use iMessage if they are not using any Apple smart device.

Question 3 Can I change address associated with iMessage for Android Application?

Answer 3 Yes, you can change the address associated with iMessage.

Question 4 How do I delete sticker packs from my iMessage?

Answer 4 You can delete a sticker pack from your App Drawer.

Question 5 Why can’t I access the stickers I downloaded in the iMessages for Android?

Answer 5 Some sticker packs have to be manually enabled if you have the Automatically Add Apps option disabled on your device. So either you enable Automatically Add Apps or manually add apps to your message app.

Question 6 How do I add sticker pack to my iMessage for Android app?

Answer 6 In order to add sticker pack to messaging apps, you have two choices: either enable Automatically Add Apps on your device or manually add the sticker pack to your message app. Thus, best one to prefer is Automatically Add Apps.

Question 7 Is iMessage available in Windows Store?

Answer 7 No, iMessage is not available in windows store. It is only available in the App Store.


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