iMessage on PC Alternative For Android And iOS Users

iMessage is the ios app for messaging and chatting without any service charges like traditional messaging apps. iMessage is beyond the messaging app. It provides you many features like sharing media, effects, group chat. It is not readily available on any other traditional messaging app.

For iPhones, there are many messaging apps available whereas if you are iPad user message is the only option available. So if you want to try some other messaging app instead of iMessage, you can go with the following options.

imessage alternatives

iMessage on PC Alternative Alternatives

KIK: This app is the best of all when it comes to calls and chat. KIK has bots to make chat experience amazing. You can do voice calls as well as video calls too. Now KIK for PC is also available for Windows users.

Skype: Skype is one of the trending apps which we use for messaging, chatting, sharing media, and video calling especially. Skype is best for making video calls, but now it also can let you message your friends. It has an excellent user interface exciting features same message. You can have skype installed on various platforms like Android, Linux, Windows, iPhone, etc.

Hangouts: Google developed the app Hangout. It is a combined platform for video calling, group messaging, and voice calling. It has excellent features including emojis, stickers, and many more features. The best thing about hangouts is it lets you video call in very high video quality.

Facebook Messenger: Messenger is a fast and data efficient app which provides facilities like chatting, voice calling, video calling to its customers. It can share your location like WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Messenger: Whatsapp is the most used and praised messenger allowing all new and advanced features with an attractive User interface having over 2 billion users. Whatsapp is a pack of all elements that any user want in the messaging application.

Telegram Messenger: Telegram is the messenger with benefits. It allows all features of Whats App along with video upload size more than 1gb. It also has the features to create your Channel over the network to upload the content. The best thing about telegram is that it is the most secure messaging application in the entire world. So your privacy will not void here.

Conversation: Conversation is an open source instant messaging app. It enables you to transfer and share messages media files without any charge.

Hike Messenger: Hike is a great app with outstanding features like Blue packet. It allows you to send money to a receiver in a second. Apart from this, you can also share your stories on your wall. You can create a group of 1000 people, that is a lot more than any other messaging application gives.

Digsby: Digsby is a popular application which provides instant messaging features on pc, mobile. Before the WhatsApp and other desktop applications were not available.

Adium: Based on the plugin technology Adium delivers a messaging platform for sharing media on Mac ios and desktop environment. Adium app does not have to call features.

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